Drive the technology that drives your data.

Smart business decisions come from accurate data that’s visible in real time. Automated data collection technology enables you to gather that information with more efficiency, accuracy, and access than ever before. GSD has the knowledge, experience, and resources to make the best choices for your particular applications and needs.

Barcoding and Auto ID Design

If time is money, then the learning curve associated with implementing Barcoding and Auto ID (RFID, EDI, etc.) technology can be expensive. GSD reduces the investment by:

  • Designing labels
  • Verifying the compliance standards
  • Preparing prototype labels
  • Testing the label and tag materials
  • Providing quality supplies

Our total solution begins with a site assessment. We study your operation to determine the features and functions to be addressed with your data collection system. Then, we use our product expertise to narrow down the hardware and technology that will support your operation.

GSD guides you through the options for application software, operating systems, database programs, and other software to support your goals. We also offer custom software development to ensure your programs fit to your business, not the other way around.


Radio frequency identification (RFID) enhances productivity and accuracy in a busy operation. G.S.D. Associates understands the components that support a successful RFID process. Whether you are transitioning to RFID or need to expand or support your current RFID needs, contact GSD to:

  • Plan the system infrastructure
  • Determine the communication and integration required for host systems
  • Develop supportable criteria for your system’s KPIs
  • Apply the appropriate RFID standards
  • Provide reliable, high quality readers, antennas, printers, and tags

The right solutions start with the right resource. Contact G.S.D. Associates to get started.

Thermal Printing Supplies

The success of your data collection is directly related to the quality of your barcode label and thermal printing choices. The right supplies will not only produce quality labels that remain readable and affixed, but also extend the life of your printer. Lesser quality media can leave behind dirt and debris that damages the printer.

GSD focuses on quality, selection, and availability of media, including custom dies. We partner with multiple resources, with hundreds of media options, so that we can drill down to your specific label needs, including:

  • Removable, permanent, or high-tack adhesive
  • Repositionable labels
  • Tamper-evident, fixed asset labels
  • Specimen labels
  • Clean room labels and ribbons
  • RFID tags and labels
  • Rugged and UV-resistant outdoor tags