Protect your patients, processes and staff

From patient safety to staff productivity, you need to ensure that your healthcare facility has the technology in place to support the highest standards of care. As a leader in mobile computing and automated data collection, G.S.D. Associates collaborates with industry leaders such as Honeywell, Zebra, Panasonic and others to build automated data collection solutions that reduce errors and improve patient care.

  • Reduce medical administration errors
  • Ensure positive patient ID
  • Easily retrieve vital data in real-time
  • Enhance staff communication
  • Improve accuracy
  • Print Medication Identification
  • Improve staff productivity and responsiveness
  • Track equipment and supplies
  • Optimize IT resources

Improve Patient Care

G.S.D. can help you focus on improving patient care with solutions designed to reduce data entry errors and improve operating efficiencies. Deploying effective data collection solutions and barcode technology enables your staff to more efficiently manage resources and reduces the risks of human error in any healthcare environment.

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A doctor viewing a patient's information on his mobile device as he's walking in to see her.
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